Camera 1 km

City Long Range Camera System range from 1 to 20km

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Camera 1 km

Camera 1 km

Camera 1 km

Camera 1 km



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Offshore Ports, Airports, Maritime and Harbor Border and Cities Surveillance and Security Solutions

Eagle Vision Ev3000-D-IR  20 km nigh vision Sensor (Cooled Thermal 640x480)
EMCCD Hi resolution Color Camera
500/1000mm Motorized Lenses
The Solution for Border Port Marine and Any application required Rugged Long Range Camera system




 EV3000-D Dual sensors camera system IR uncooled or cooled IR thermal, and Hi-resolution color camera

Camera Ranges Distance 1km 2km 3km 4km 5km 6km 7km 8km 9km 10km 12km 15km 20km
long range Surveillance camera System 

Stainless ptz camera Dual PTZ thermal and day color camera system for long range camera system
EMCCD Hi resolution Color Camera Motorized Lenses 10-300mm  10-400mm 10-500/20-1000mm

 10-550/20-1100mm 12-660/30-1680mm 12.5-750mm/25-750mm  30-750mm 15-825mm 1000/2000mm

long range optical surveillance

City Surveillance Powered by High-Performance EV3000 Camera System

Made in USA


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