Camera 1 km

Long Range Camera Zoom 1 km to 25 km

Made in USA

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United Vision Security Systems,Co.

City Long Range Camera System range from 1 to 20km


Toronto, Canada  ev3000 equipped with 1000/2000mm lenses and starlight sensor
Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, TX

Nantucket, MA

Portsmouth, VA 

Veracruz, Mexico
Veracruz Lighthouse and monument to Carranza.jpg

EV3000-D-IR750  MEXICO Pemex platform


List of Customers

1- US Coast Guard
2- US Army
3- US Corp of Engineer
4- US Air-force Ali Al Salem Air Base Kuwait, Air base in German
5- Mexico Navy  monitors ports 24/7 from coast to coast, each harbor has one long range camera
6- Finland Navy
7- Egyptian Navy
8- France environment monitor
9- Aramco Oil Company Saudi Arabia
10- Pemex Mexico Oil company "installation on platform in Gulf of Mexico"
11- NASA
12- Texas Port, Brownsville
13- National Security Technology Department
     The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
14- Nantucket Island, MA
15- El Paso Corporation, GA
16- Provincial Aerospace,Canada

Brownsville, TX
long range ptz camera 5 km

Rugged Camera System, Anti-corrosion, Anti Air-salt, right solution for Marine, offshore and Harsh-environment.

Explosive proof FLIR IR camera Cooled and Uncooled certified for use in hazardous areas.

Explosion proof HD 4K camera certified for use in hazardous areas.

Camera 1 km

City Long Range Camera System range from 1 to 20km

PTZ camera 5 km

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