Homeland Defense and Security

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Border Observation Post / Tower

Border Harbor Surveillance

Day Night Rugged Camera

RV / Vehicle / Boat

Camera system


Gate Entry System

Monitoring and Tracking system

Thermographic Imager System

Predictive  Preventive Maintenance Power Plant and Power distribution system

Thermal heat loss inspections for buildings, plants, facilities, and refineries

Navy Night Vision system
Mobile Surveillance system

Border Patrol

Telescoping Mast

360 degree Pan Tilt

Video Stabilization

Wireless Video Link

1 to 20 miles

1 to 30 km

Video Data

GPS Video Map System

Moving Map

Camera ontrol

Goggles Day Night
Long Range Night Vision Camera system Thermal Imager

Firefighter Camera System

Under Vehicle Search camera Vehicle Mapping and Video software Laser RangeFinder

Long range professional

laser range finders

Infrared Night Vision CCTV Camera Systems

IR Illuminators

Night Camera Gen III intensifier / Illuminance .00001 Lux

IP Camera & Surveillance system Explosive detector

AirPort Security

color day night thermal PTZ ,

Plates, and Helmet Level IIIA, III, IV

VIP Concealed Vest

ENG Helicopter System

Helicopter   Camera and Video Microwave System



  • Military Bases
  • Government Buildings
  • Oil Refineries
  • Under Ground Garages
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Border Check Points
  • Embassies
  • Prisons
  • Courthouses
  • Banks / Mints
  • Airports / Ports
  • Munitions Plants

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