Long Range Camera 24/7 Surveillance Systems

Long range night vision camera

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               ev3000 25 miles         emccd Camera           ev3000-d-ir                   

Eagle Vision Camera Models with Ranges 1 to 20+ km/miles


The ev3000-ex Series is a long range explosion proof 1 - 25 km IR infrared thermal for offshore gas rigs and oil rigs camera systems are used in explosive and hazardous atmospheres. They are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof electrical equipment for installation and use in hazardous locations as Offshore rig Oil and Gas Installations Security . These enclosures are also waterproof and dust tight. 

The Solution for Border Port Marine and Any application required Rugged Long Range Camera system

Long Range Camera IP PTZ system

Triple Sensors emccd, Thermal IR, and Laser illuminator

NEW!!!!!! 55X optical zoom focal length 825mm

Long Range Camera 5 Km


Very long range maritime color surveillance camera

Eagle Vision Ev3000-d-ir  1 to 20 km range with IR night vision Sensor (Cooled Thermal 640x480   640x512 InSb)

Thermal Imager IR camera lenses are 50, and 100mm for uncooled

 The cooled thermal Imager has 50/250mm,100/500mm,15/750mm DFOV

50-500mm, and 88-1100mm continuous zoom

PTZ Camera emccd with IR infrared 55X 60X 100X zoom (optical )

ccd-F Hi resolution Color Camera with FOG filter


If you are looking for Day-time, Night, Dark, Fog, Rain, and Smoke 24/7 surveillance camera system then ev3000-d-ir dual sensor with thermal camera is your system, range 2 miles, in all weather rugged PTZ housing, resist high humidity. TCP/IP interface, RS485, Pelco-d, options HD color sensor, washer, fiber optics and wireless link


emccd Hi resolution Color Camera Motorized Lenses

10-330mm 10-500/20-1000mm  10-550/20-1100mm 12-660/30-1680mm 12.5-750mm/25-1500mm  

30-750mm 15-825mm 20-1100m/40-2200mm and IR coated motorized lens 10-1000mm /20-2000mm

emccd sensor