Camera 1 km

EV3000 IP FLIR and HD 4K PTZ

EV3000 Camera ranges 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, and 20 km IP Thermal HD

ev3000 camera is a Day-time, Night, Dark, Fog, Rain, and Smoke 24/7 surveillance camera system. ev3000-d-ir has dual sensor a thermal camera and HD day camera, rugged PTZ housing for all weather, resist high humidity.
Camera 1 km

Made in USA

UVSS is your source for the longest camera distance from 1 to 25 km, models to accommodate most of the cctv requirements for border, ports, rigs, and cities.

EV3000-D-IR long range Pan Tilt PTZ Surveillance FLIR, thermal imaging camera with HD telephoto zoom IR DAY/NIGHT VISION imager

PTZ TCP/IP Camera Zoom Range Distance 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km, 6 km, 7 km, 8 km, 9 km, 10 km, 12 km, 15 km, 20 km, 25 km

Long Range Camera Zoom 1 to 20 km

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Camera see at 1 km to 20 km day and night Navy and Marine enclosure

Long Range Camera Systems

The available ranges are 1km 2km 3km 4km 5km 6km 7km 8km 9km 10km 11km 12km 13km 14km 15km 16km 17km 18km 19km 20km with or without Night Vision IR FLIR Thermal Camera.

United Vision Security Systems was the first company worldwide to integrate a 1000mm lens with HD 4K Cameras in a stainless steel platform using fiber-optics for video and controls in a Mexican Navy port project. With its built-in night vision, Electron Multiplying ccd the Eagle Vision has a light sensitivity that 100 times better than average competitor cameras. The fact that this camera has been selected as the solution for the unmanned surveillance needs of military front lines proves its capability.

The ev3000-ex Series is a long-range and explosion-proof IR infrared thermal camera for offshore gas rigs and oil rigs. This camera system is used in explosive and hazardous atmospheres. They are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of explosion-proof and dust/ignition-proof electrical equipment for installation and use in hazardous locations as Offshore Rigs, Oil and Gas Installations, and Security. These enclosures are also waterproof and dust tight. Fast and accurate positioning of cameras.

Military Bases / Government Buildings / Oil Refineries / Under Ground Garages / Nuclear Power Plants / Border Check Points/Patrol / Coast Guard / Embassies / Airports / Ports / Munitions / Plants / Police & Law Enforcement / Naval Bases / Private Property Security / Offshore Buoys / Marine Ships / Military Vehicles / Private Ports / Prison Security.

We specialize in Long-Range Security Cameras that are designed to meet requirements that can withstand extreme heat, military frontlines, marine bases, security threats, and more. Since our start in 2000, we have had multiple successful projects that have satisfied our customers. We use IR Thermal, Night-vision, Long-Range systems with any pre-existing or new CCTV systems to make it easy for you to carry out your security needs. We send our cameras around the world.
PTZ TCP/IP Camera Zoom Range Distance 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km, 6 km, 7 km, 8 km, 9 km, 10 km, 12 km, 15 km, 20 km, 25 km
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