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Traffic  Safety products  

Traffic  Radar  TR-100, TR-200, and TR-300 

A Digital Software-driven Traffic Radar Unit

Traffic radar 100

Traffic radar 100

Mobile - Stationary - Rugged - Waterproof

Multi-lane laser radar traffic speed system

Multi-lane Doppler radar traffic speed system

New     Traffic sensor , collect analyze traffic volume, classification, average speed,  mobile and required no cables for operation.

The TR-100 is Doppler-based radar employing high-resolution camera and propriety software to accurately and automatically capture offences. Designed specifically for ease of use, the TR-100 utilizes touch-screen technology and intuitive software interface, requiring minimal computer experience. With capacities for both mobile and stationary installations, the TR-100 is the ultimate traffic-monitoring solution for law-enforcement agencies.



Traffic radar 100

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