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Traffic  Radar  TR-100  TR-200 TR-300

A Digital Software-driven Traffic Radar Unit

ANPR  Automatic Number Plate Recognition

English - Spanish - Arabic

Bi-direction radar

Zoom Camera with Auto-Focus

Full control of camera functions

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long range ptz camera 5 km
English - Spanish - Arabic

long range ptz camera 5 km

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Mobile - Stationary - Rugged - Waterproof          Made In USA          

Now with SpeedyVision Software

Multi-lane laser radar traffic speed system

Multi-lane Doppler radar traffic speed system


New     Traffic sensor , collect analyze traffic volume, classification, average speed,  mobile and required no cables for operation.

The TR series are Doppler-based radar employing high-resolution camera and latest Vision technology software to accurately and automatically capture offenses, read License plates. The TR series utilizes touch-screen technology and intuitive software interface, requiring minimal computer experience. With capacities for both mobile and stationary installations, the TR Series is the ultimate traffic-monitoring solution for law-enforcement agencies.

Features: Distance range:

Currently the distance range for the TR100 and TR200  is 50 till 240 meters for ordinary passenger cars.
The distance range for heavy goods vehicles is at about 150 ... 250 % of that for ordinary passenger cars.
For a motorcycle it is reduced to about 50 %.

Note: If the detector is installed behind any kind of covers the distance range may be reduced through fading losses.  

TR series are available for  System Integrators, OEMs and Distributors    email   sales@ev3000.com 


TR100, TR200, TR-300  and SpeedyVision  are a registered Trademarks for United Vision Security Systems

End-Users are welcome to contact us or Authorized Distributor to verify  the product's  certificate of  Origin.

Eagle Vision Long Range Camera, SkyCam camera system, EV search and Rescue camera, Vidlnk Wireless System, VisioMapping, and TR100 SpeedyVision

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long range ptz camera 5 kmlong range ptz camera 5 kmlong range ptz camera 5 kmlong range ptz camera 5 km
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