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Long Range Camera System

Long Distance CCTV Camera  Long Range Optical Surveillance

Camera Ranges from 1 to 20+ Miles / 1 to 25+ km

Eagle Vision Camera Models with Ranges 1 to 20+ km/miles CCD, 4K sensor, sCMOD, 3CCD, IR uncooled, and IR cooled Download
Eagle Vision Ev3000-D-IR750 ranges upto 20km
Eagle Vision EV3000-D-IR 500 & 1000      Range up to 10 km cooled thermal camera / Day color Download
Eagle Vision EV3000-D-IR 250                   Range up to 5 km cooled thermal camera / Day color Download
Eagle Vision EV3000-D-IR 100                    Range upto 4 km uncooled thermal / Day camera Download
Eagle Vision EV3000-S-4K sensor Download
Eagle Vision EV3000-P-4K sensor Download
Eagle Vision EV3000-P-CCD Download
Catalog Download
EV3000-S-manual Download
EV3000-D-technical data Download
Eagle Vision Search and Rescue Camera Download
Digital Traffic Radar TR100-TR200-TR300 Download
SkyCam Traffic Camera Download
EV3000-S-EX explosive (explosion)  proof PTZ camera system Download
SkyCam IP rugged Camera system Download
EV Eagle Vision Portable Camera System Download
Eagle Vision with IR laser illuminator Camera System Download
Long Range Camera 20 KM total system solutions power point Download

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City Long Range Camera System range from 1 to 20 km

Long range IR PTZ Camera FLIR 1 to 25km 

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Camera 1 kmCamera 1 kmCamera 1 kmCamera 1 km

Product and Solutions
 EV3000-D Dual sensors camera system IR uncooled or cooled IR thermal, and Hi-resolution color camera

PTZ TCP/IP Camera Zoom Range Distance 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 4 km, 5 km, 6 km, 7 km, 8 km, 9 km, 10 km, 12 km, 15 km, 20 km, 25 km