We deliver long range camera systems

Welcome to United Vision Security Systems, LLC

United Vision Security Systems, LLC is a Massachusetts company, with its office at 10 Center St., Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. United Vision Security Systems, LLC provides across the board expertise in all aspects of CCTV Long Range Camera System, from the design phase to the delivery of complete turnkey solutions. United Vision Security Systems, LLC designs CCTV Camera systems with an emphasis on Long Range capabilities using EMCCD technology and IR thermal Technology. We successfully integrate EV3000-D_IR Extreme Long Range Camera System in a Stainless Steel enclosure with precise Pan/Tilt features that function in diverse platforms such as Ports, Oil platforms, Airports and others locations throughout the world. United Vision Security Systems works closely with their partners to design advanced multi-sensor long range system using standard protocols to enable fast delivery, easy maintenance and end user friendly.

Why You need Thermal Camera?

All CCTV cameras have a basic physical limitation: they need light to work. the only camera system that works on complete darkness, haze, smoke, rain, snow, even bright and blinding lights is the thermal camera, EV3000-D-IR will still be able to detect people and objects on all weather and light conditions at long ranges up to 20+ miles

Users of infrared illuminators (IR laser) can be detected by others that have near-infrared viewing devices.

ALL CCD sensors can't work on bad weather as haze, smoke, and fog regardless IR illuminator

Export of thermal imaging equipment is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR).